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The Best Sites For Football Predictions In 2019

The best football prediction sites to help you win in 2019


Not everyone is capable of predicting the possible outcomes of a soccer match. It requires dedication, years of experience and a sharp, analytical mind. 

Finding a good football prediction website is no easy task. There are plenty of unreliable ones out there that are just out for your money. And by the time you find out their true nature, it’s too late. Fortunately, to make up for all the bad apples, there are loads of great football prediction marketplaces that you can absolutely rely on.  


The Best Football Prediction Sites

Follow these football prediction sites, and you’ll never lose a bet again. 

1. BigTipster

Big Tipster would be one of our top picks. They’re genuinely one of the best tipping services available. 

One highlight of using Big Tipster’s services is definitely their “pay per tip” option. Essentially, you would have the choice to buy only one tipster’s prediction, which is honestly an objectively amazing feature to have. 

This way, you don’t have to worry about making big investments when you don’t want to. Their team is comprised of only the best soccer tipsters from around the world.


2. SoccerTipster

Soccer Tipsters is another one of our favorites. They’ve been in the business for almost a decade now. So they have years of experience, and that counts for a lot. To also stay in this industry for so long, you got to know exactly what you’re doing. 

You need to be accurate and consistent in your service provision. With SoccerTipster, that’s exactly what you’ll get – consistency and accuracy. These are the two qualities you should look for in any sports tipping marketplace. Their primary goal is to help their members beat the bookie.


3. SportsTrade

SportsTrade delivers some of the most accurate tips a punter could get their hands on. If you want free tips, or even if you want to explore paid services, SportsTrade is your go-to site. Their tipsters are professionals who come from all parts of the world. 

So whichever league you want to bet on, we can guarantee that Sports Trade has some of their best local talent covering it. 

To make everything better, they give all their members a range of discounts on a regular basis. You’re missing out if you aren’t consulting their tipsters each time you bet. They even have a blog with information on how to perfect your betting skills.


4. BetFame

If there was one word that could perfectly describe BetFame, it would be dependability. They are one of the most reliable sports prediction services out there. BetFame does not make any false promises. 

You have access to each one of their tipsters’ entire track records – their wins, losses, profits and strike rates. So you know exactly what you’re getting way before you make any major commitments. 

With global coverage of pretty much every commercial football tournament out there, you wouldn’t need any other tipping service apart from BetFame. 

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